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9th November 1989. The Fall of the Berlin Wall.
A historic moment in the line of many reform movements in the world – from Solidarność in Poland to the protests at Tiananmen Square in China and the “Montagsdemonstration” in East Germany in 1989.

20 years later. We want to have a closer look at the current situation of world borders.

Walls have been constructed throughout history, from the Great Wall of China to the Separation Barrier in Israel. Some are no longer standing and have lost their purpose. Others remain in perfect condition, some are newly constructed.

Whatever the given name is – line of control, wall of shame, separation fence, green line, snake or peace line – their purpose is the same:

to limit the movement of people across a certain line, to separate people or to protect against invaders, soldiers, terrorists, immigrants, criminals or citizens.

The most famous example of a borderline is probably the Great Wall of China, while the most prominent one was a symbol of the Iron Curtain: the Berlin Wall.

But new walls are rising!
Walls are being built around gated communities, slums and inside countries and between nations. The wall is not history. It’s more present than ever.

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